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Nenplas is a leading supplier of extruded and fabricated plastic products, employing around 120 people.

They are recognised as an established manufacturer of trade extruded products, specialising in the design & development of new and bespoke profiles to meet specific customer requirements.


Nenplas have been a client of SDS for quite some time. For our most recent project, our engineer attended Nenplas’ Ashbourne site to replace a faulty non- Parker unit in the screw feeder machine. To do this, we had to explore the existing wiring and produce a drawing of this to mirror and match the soon-to-be-installed new Parker unit.


Our engineer refitted a Parker unit, which meant that the old unit had to be removed beforehand, then the wiring and slight re-wiring was completed, which took a full working day due to the environment of the site.


Due to the nature of the environment, there was lots of movement – such as pedestrians and forklifts, which meant we had to be more vigilant with the task in hand.


We were able to complete the task within the day, ensuring Nenplas had a new supported unit fitted.

Benefit two

Replacing an obsolete unit means that it can be better supported and repaired.

Benefit three

The new drive fitted has a supported program file which replaced the previous one which used analogue controls and switches to program it.

“SDS did what they do best – they replaced the non-operational unit. The replacement unit was in stock, and hand delivered, so we did not have to wait for our resolve. I would definitely call on SDS again for any engineering support, future upgrades and for the procurement of critical parts’.

Andrew Wood

Maintenance Manager

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