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Install and optimise your units anytime and anywhere

Our expert engineers can be on the ground at your site, ready to commission new units, or refurbish and recommission old units at a time that suits you.

Full optimisation

Achieve more with the systems you already have, or prime a new unit to perform at its best.

Every system is only as strong as its configuration. Whether you’ve just purchased a new or refurbished unit, or you have a unit that isn’t running as well as it used to, our specialists can set them up to run at optimum efficiency.

Your drives will run better, have a longer life and won’t consume as much energy. Years from now, you’ll realise you haven’t needed to replace anything for a while. Everything will be performing as it should.

Installing new or refurbished units

If you have just bought a new or refurbished unit, you’ll want it to be set up to ensure it integrates perfectly with your system.

The installation includes:

  • Taking an old drive out of the system
  • Modernising the wiring
  • Installing the new drive
  • Integrating the unit into your wider system
  • Programming the unit to maximise efficiency and life expectancy

Fully documenting a control system can be a complicated task, so we’ll provide everything for you: complete electrical schematics, single line drawings, and installation, maintenance and operating instructions.

We carry out all commissioning and installation to strict method statements and risk assessments. And all our systems are built to European machinery and safety standards with CE marking.

Why SDS?

Trying to get by on your own is tiring. Our experts are ready to take the load off your mind.

  • Specialists with over 100 years collective engineering experience
  • We offer expert technical advice alongside our other services
  • We design, commission, repair, audit, optimise and upgrade – and our engineers know what your production line needs
  • We work with you to outline what you will need in the months and years to come
  • Our preventative maintenance stops you worrying about future production line problems

Get your system commissioned

Wherever you are, whenever you need us, we can come and get your systems up and running at maximum efficiency. Get in touch to learn more.