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Servo Motors

Servo motors allow for accurate position, velocity and acceleration control which is essential in applications requiring high performance motion and rotation speed regulation.

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Radio-controlled planes, cars, and small robots often rely on small servo motors capable of precise sub-degree rotation positioning.

On the industrial scale, AC servo motor drives coupled with high torque brushless AC servo motors up to 100KW can achieve incredibly precise motion. These AC servo drives control position, speed, torque, and other parameters through advanced interfaces that enable monitoring and adjustments.

Some systems integrate the servo drive and motor into one smart modular DC servo drive unit.

Inside these drives, sensors feedback position signals in a closed feedback loop to allow the control system to adjust the power signals sent to the servo motor. Options for networking and motion control functionality like servo indexing are available to tailor to each application’s needs.

Key Applications:

DC servo motor technology continues to improve brushed designs now capable of operating at higher speeds with lower torque ripple and audible noise.

For high-performance motion control, a servo system brings precise speed regulation and positioning unmatched by standard motors.

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