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Technical support

Specialists on hand 7 days a week

Whether you’re struggling to programme a drive, you’re getting an error message from your units or your machinery simply isn’t performing as expected, our engineers can help. With a range of on-site and off-site options, our experts are on hand to answer your questions or direct you to the relevant department if you need anything else.

Telephone Support

We’re happy to guide you through your technical issues. If you have a question or you need help with setup and configuration, give one of our engineers a call. 

Remote login

Where functionality allows, our engineers are able to log in to your system and solve problems remotely. You’ll get to see exactly what we’re doing as we do it – and we’ll send you a video recording of the session – so you can remember the steps for future reference.

Off-site programming

Sometimes a job is more complex. You might need to create a programme to perform a set of actions, or to convert an existing program to a new version of software.

If your drive needs an upgrade, we can extract your existing programmes from the old units, convert them (if necessary) and install them in your new units before they leave our warehouse.

On-site support

If the technical issue is more complex, then one of our engineers can always visit you on-site. But you might be surprised how much we can achieve from a distance! Our on-site support is available 7 days a week, just give us a call.

Why SDS?

Having offered technical support for decades, we are the simple answer to very complex problems.

  • Specialists with over 100 years collective engineering experience
  • We offer expert technical advice alongside our other services
  • We design, commission, repair, audit, optimise and upgrade – and our engineers know what your production line needs
  • We work with you to outline what you will need in the months and years to come
  • Our preventative maintenance stops you worrying about future production line problems

Get technical support now

Wrestling with technology is inefficient and exhausting. Get in touch and let’s see how we can help get you back to peak performance and to what you do best.