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Active Front Ends

More About Active Front Ends

Active Front Ends enhance the functionality and sustainability of motor drives.

These improve energy conversion efficiency, reduce harmonic distortion, and provide superior power quality management.

This makes them an indispensable component in modern AC and DC motor systems, particularly in industries where energy efficiency and equipment longevity are paramount.

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AFE’s are controllable rectifiers which facilitate bidirectional power exchange between AC and DC, and channels regenerative power back to the mains.

Using PWM modulation, they minimise current peaks and shape the input current waveform into an ideal sine wave.

Additionally, AFEs curtail higher order harmonics and maintain a total harmonic distortion below 5%.

This enhances power quality and removes the need for extra electrical equipment.

They also stabilise power quality against fluctuations in the mains and are generally suitable for parallel or serial configurations.

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