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Encoder motors provide position information to give precise control and high accuracy in motor applications. These electric motors come integrated with either an incremental encoder or absolute encoder to track the position of the motor shaft.

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The type of encoder motor used depends on your control system requirements and whether you need to know the absolute angular position or relative position changes. Incremental encoders output signals allowing you to track motor rotation increments. Absolute encoders precisely identify the actual position, even on power loss.

DC motors with encoders are closed loop feedback systems, sending position signals to the controller. This enables accurate speed and improved positional control compared to open loop DC motors. The shaft position is monitored through the motor’s rotation, whether it’s a multi-turn rotary encoder or single-turn unit.

Key Applications:

With quality encoder mounting directly to the motor shaft at the factory, Alignment and measurement error is eliminated.

SDS Drives provides this extensive range of DC servo and stepper motors with encoders. For precision motion control, encoder feedback is essential – contact our engineers today to discuss your system’s needs.

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