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Control system specialists

Greater than the sum of our parts

You need a production line you can rely on. Parts you can depend on. People who have it in hand.


Parts are generally simple enough to get hold of. But expertise is tougher to find.

With over a hundred years collective experience, we offer both. At SDS, we don’t just fix drives and ship parts, we offer critical support whenever you need it.

We know exactly what you need and we also know what you will need in the months to come. Our preventative maintenance and upgrades keep your production line up to speed and increase your capacity to do what you do.

We take pride in our support and have built something of a reputation for never walking away from problems. On our watch, everything will be resolved. The small space of your mind that worries about things going wrong can take a well-earned break.

Brands we work with

We are a certified Parker distributor and have been working closely with them for 25 years. We are also a tier 2 certified repair agent for Parker.

Our Team

portrait PRAVIN

Pravin Panchal BSc (Eng) CEng MIET

Technical Director

Co-founder of SDS, Pravin is driven to excellence in all that he does. With his 35+ years of engineering experience, he is passionate about delivering successful results to customers and nurturing today’s and tomorrow’s engineers. His many years in the field of manufacturing, processing, converting and material testing industries have made Pravin an expert in AC and DC motor drive control systems.

When not working Pravin enjoys playing the drums, live music, and dancing to the Latin beats of salsa, samba and bachata. Glastonbury is a must!

portrait VINA

Vina Panchal

Managing Director

As co-founder, Vina has been instrumental in making SDS what it is. She oversees everything non-engineering and is responsible for our strategic direction and growth.

Outside of work Vina loves food, travelling, music, beautiful buildings and property, watching cricket and spending time with family and friends. 

portrait STEVE

Steve Tandy

Sales & Applications Engineer

Over 40 years of experience endorses Steve as an authority in his field. Joining SDS in 2008, he oversees both your systems applications and our company’s sales growth. And he’s always on hand to share his valuable industry knowledge and expertise with our enthusiastic engineers.

Outside of work Steve likes spending time with family, especially his two grandchildren. He also enjoys gardening, boardgames, art, hill walking and reading.

portrait JACK

Jack Warren

Sales & Applications Engineer

With five years at SDS under his belt, Jack creates solutions for new and existing applications. He’s part of the Sales & Technical team, so speak to him about anything you need doing and he’ll be able to help. 

Outside of work Jack likes socialising with friends, live music, home cooking, long country walks and has a ridiculous obsession with motorsports.

portrait DOM

Domenico Arenare

Business Development Manager

Domenico takes care of all our technical platforms and operations. He’s the guy we speak to about marketing, our website and our business systems. And he ensures everyone has what they need to do their jobs.

Outside of work Domenico loves making and playing music, travelling, kickboxing and going to the pub.

portrait RISHI

Rishi Panchal

Business Analyst

Rishi analyses all our numbers and data and shapes the strategic planning of SDS.

Aside from work, Rishi loves socialising with friends, fashion and rap music, actively playing Cricket and Badminton.

portrait EMILIA

Emilia Wajs

Finance Controller

Emilia keeps our finances in check, reviewing and reconciling accounts, processing payments and dealing with all billing enquiries.

Outside of work Emilia loves long walks, reading, swimming, music and spending time with family and friends.

portrait JIM

Jim Conway

Warehouse and Support Manager

Jim keeps our stocks coming in and our goods going out. He’s the one making sure your order gets to you.

Outside of work Jim loves all sports especially Rugby and Chelsea Football club. He also enjoys country walking, wildlife photography, listening to music and socialising with family and friends.

portrait PATRYK

Patryk Szuwarowski

Trainee Engineer

Patryk joined in Sept 2019 and is a promising new member of the SDS team. Having finished 2 years of his Engineering Apprenticeship, inquisitive and hungry to learn, Patryk puts an adept hand to engineering and repairs. You might speak to him about a sales quote too. Driving Excellence and aspiring to become the Engineer of tomorrow.

Outside of work Patryk loves to ride motorcycles as well as work on them, play fast-paced games like airsoft and spending time with his family.

portrait KACPER

Kacper Wilejto

Trainee Engineer

The other part of the duo joining in Sept 2019, Kacper is another promising new member of the SDS team. Having finished 2 years of his Engineering Apprenticeship, Kacper is equally as inquisitive and hungry to learn, Kacper puts an adept hand to engineering and repairs. You might speak to him about a sales quote too. Driving Excellence and aspiring to become the Engineer of tomorrow.

Out of work Kacper enjoys his diversified taste in music, exercise and going out.

Speak to us about anything

The SDS team is just on the other end of the phone. Whether you need an urgent repair, technical support or an expert’s opinion on what drive you should be looking for, we’re all on hand to help.

Could your name feature in our expert team? If you’re inspired to work with us, get in touch with your CV. We’d love to hear from you.