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Drives, Spares and Configurators

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At SDS Drives, we work with these control and drives from a selection of leading manufacturers every day. Servo Drives, AC & DC Drives, Spares & Configurators. You can trust us to deliver exactly what you need and answer the questions you might have along the way.

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AC Drives

Otherwise known as variable speed drive, inverters, variable speed controllers, frequency variable drive or open/closed loop motor speed controllers.

DC Drives

One of the first kinds of motor speed control, the DC Thyristor drive can provide simple 2 or 4 quadrant speed control.

Servo Drives

Precise performance tuning, perfect control. For servo motors.

Ancillary Products

For a wide-range of models and brands, both obsolete and current.

Refurbished Products

We stock a wide range of fully-refurbished items, which all come with 6 months guarantee.

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