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3M is a science-based technology company committed to improving lives and doing business in the right way

For as long as we can remember, 3M has been a client of SDS.

Our Engineers have worked across many of their sites including Wales, Loughborough, Ireland and the Midlands, maintaining and supporting their drives.


In line with their vision and commitment to growth and improvement, 3M’s team asked SDS to make their machines run 20% faster at their Swansea facilities factory.

This was quite a challenge as 3M already operate at an efficient speed, however, as demand grows; so does supply and production. Our Engineers set to improve the speed by converting the DC Drives to AC Drives, replacing the 590 to the 890 AC rack systems.

Items used:
Parker 890 rack mounting drives
AC Induction motors



Benefit One
Improved performance and machine speed by 20%, which means increased production.

Benefit Two
Increased production as a result of speed increase.

Benefit Three
Removed obsolete equipment.

“At 3M Atherstone over the many years that we have been working with SDS we have built a dynamic working relationship. The company is integral to the technical understanding of our complex drives and control systems. SDS have always supported the site not only in major upgrades but also taken calls in the early hours to help us resolve issues on production lines. This service, often provided on a good will basis, has been invaluable to the site and the Plant Engineering team. We look forward to many more years working closely with SDS and continuing to build on the fantastic existing working relationship.”

Bryn D Rood

Plant Engineering Supervisor

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