**These drives can be upgraded to the Parker AC20. You can find the frame size conversion and information here

The Range:
The 690 range is a Parker SSD Inverter circa 1993 – 1999.

Frame Sizes:
Below are the power ratings for the different options and frame sizes. TOF = Top of Frame.

1PH, 230V
Frame B (0.75, 1.5, 2.2) kW [TOF: 690-212105B0-B00P00-A400]

3PH, 230V
Frame B (0.75, 1.5, 2.2, 4) kW [TOF: 690-232165B0-B00P00-A400]
Frame C (5.5, 7.5) kW [TOF: 690-232280C0-B00P00-A400]
Frame D (11, 15, 18.5) kW [TOF: 690-232680D0-B00P00-A400]
Frame E (22) kW [TOF: 690-232800E0-B00P00-A400]
Frame F (30, 37, 45) kW [TOF: 690-233154F1-B00P00-A400 / 690-233154F2-B00P00-A400]

3PH, 400V
Frame B (0.75, 1.5, 2.2, 4, 5.5, 6) kW [TOF: 690-432140B0-B00P00-A400]
Frame C (5.5, 7.5, 11, 15) kW [TOF: 690-432300C0-B00P00-A400]
Frame D (15, 18.5, 22, 30) kW [TOF: 690-432590D0-B00P00-A400]
Frame E (30, 37, 45) kW [TOF: 690-432870E0-B00P00-A400]
Frame F (55, 75, 90) kW [TOF: 690-433180F1-B00P00-A400 / 690-433180F2-B00P00-A400]
Frame G (132, 180) kW [TOF: 690-433361G1-B00P00-A400 / 690-433361G2-B00P00-A400]
Frame H (220, 250, 280) kW [TOF: 690-433520H1-B00P00-A400 / 690-433520H2-B00P00-A400]
Frame J (315) kW [TOF: 690-433590J1-B00P00-A400 / 690-433590J2-B00P00-A400]

3PH, 500V
Frame B (2.2, 4, 5.5) kW [TOF: 690-532110B0-B00P00-A400]
Frame C (5.5, 7.5, 11, 15) kW [TOF: 690-532270C0-B00P00-A400]
Frame D (15, 18.5, 22, 30) kW [TOF: 690-532520D0-B00P00-A400]
Frame E (30, 37, 45) kW [TOF: 690-532870E0-B00P00-A400]
Frame F (55, 75, 90) kW [TOF: 690-533156F1-B00P00-A400 / 690-533156F2-B00P00-A400]

Frame Dimensions:
Frame B (176.5(W) x 233(H) x 181(D) mm) – approx. 4.3kg
Frame C (201(W) x 348(H) x 208(D) mm) – approx. 9.3kg
Frame D (252(W) x 453(H) x 245(D) mm) – approx. 18.4kg
Frame E (257(W) x 668.6(H) x 312(D) mm) – approx. 32.5kg
Frame F (257(W) x 720(H) x 355(D) mm) – approx. 41kg
Frame G (456(W) x 1042(H) x 465(D) mm) – approx. 108kg
Frame H (572(W) x 1177(H) x 465(D) mm) – approx. 138kg
Frame J (1177(W) x 1288(H) x 465(D) mm) – approx. 176kg

There are a number of language options available for each drive. All drives must now be sold with Keypads. There are a number of purchasable additional options for the 690 listed below:

Note: the last 2 digits of the part number denote the purchasable options. These will be referred to as option X & Y (XY). Digit 14 of the part number also defines whether the unit is fitted with a ‘system board’.

System Board
0 – No System Board
S – System Board Fitted [LA467471U002 (for Frame B) / LA503493 (for Frame C – K)]

Option X
0 – None
3 – HTTL Encoder [6054-HTTL-00]

Option Y
0 – None
C – ControlNet [6053-CNET-00-G]
D – DeviceNet [6055-DNET-00]
E – Ethernet [6055-ENET-00]
J – Johnson Metasys [6055-JMET-00]
L – Link [6055-LINK-00]
M – ModBus+ [6055-MBP-00]
N – CanOpen [6055-CAN-00]
P – Profibus [6055-PROF-00]
R – RS485 [6055-EI00-00]
S – Siemens Apogee [6055-APOG-00]
W – LonWorks [6055-LON-00]

Parker 690 3PH, 400/460V90kW, 1PH, 115V Aux – 690-433156F1-B00P00-A400

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Supplied with 12 month manufacturer’s warranty

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer Parker Hannifin
  • Product Range 690
  • Status Current
  • Commodity Code 85044084
  • Country of Origin Hungary
  • Dimensions (mm) 257 x 720 x 355
  • Weight (Kg) 41
  • Features
  • Drive Type AC Inverter Drive
  • Frame Size F
  • Top of Frame 690-433180F1-B00P00-A400
  • Manufacture Parker Hannifin
  • Product Range 690
  • Supply 400V
  • Power 90kW
  • Open-loop Yes
  • Sensorless Vector Yes
  • Closed-Loop Vector Yes
  • Active Front End Yes
  • Permanent Magnet AC No
  • Common Supply No
  • Brake Switch Yes
  • EMC Filter No
  • Mounting Panel Mount
  • Auxiliary 115V, 1PH
  • IP Rating IP20
  • Regen No
  • Standard Comms No
  • Keypad Yes
  • Delivery
    • Country of Origin Hungary 
    • Commodity Code 85044084 
    • Volumetric Weight
    • Weight (Kg) 41
    • Dimensions (mm) 257 x 720 x 355

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