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Case Studies

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TE Connectivity

TE provide solutions that power electric vehicles, aircraft, digital factories, and smart homes.

From when they were Tyco, SDS has supported TE Connectivity, with each and every one of their Drives being provided by SDS.

A most recent project, where SDS was called on by TE Connectivity, was when one of their mixing machines, which has a very large Parker DC Drive pushing out 1500 Amps at full load, had a fuse blow. Despite it being replaced and tested, it blew again. After the motor had been checked, we decided that the Drive was at fault, and as TE Connectivity did not have a spare drive, they contacted SDS to enquire the best way that they could get back up and running again, as this machine was in high demand.


We informed TE Connectivity that this particular drive was now obsolete, and the replacement drive was a different layout and would be almost impossible to retrofit. However, and luckily for TE Connectivity, SDS had the exact same drive in stock that was at a test facility in Gatwick. The loan drive was installed and programmed by our onsite technicians and the machine put back into service whilst SDS repaired TE Connectivity’s broken drive.



Benefit One
Whilst their drive was being repaired, we were able to loan them a replacement, so their operation was minimally disrupted.

Benefit Two
Due to SDS having a broad stock, we were able to loan a like-for-like drive whilst we fixed theirs.

“We were very happy with this situation as, if SDS did not have that drive, then it would have taken much longer to get the original one repaired or retrofit a new one. This was, in our eyes, a fantastic customer experience!.”

Patrick Rowe

Senior Controls Engineer