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DC drive technology is efficient, reliable, cost effective, operator friendly and relatively easy to implement. DC drives provides many advantages over AC drives, especially for regenerative and high power applications. DC drives have been widely used in industrial drive applications in order to offer very precise control. DC drive is basically a DC motor speed control system that supplies the voltage to the motor to operate at desired speed. Earlier, the variable DC voltage for the speed control of an industrial DC motor was generated by a DC generator. By using an induction motor, the DC generator was driven at a fixed speed and by varying the field of the generator, variable voltage was generated.

In DC motors, the speed is proportional to the armature voltage and inversely proportional to the field current. And also, the armature current is proportional to the motor torque. Therefore, by increasing or reducing the applied voltage, the speed of the motor is varied. However, it is possible up to the rated voltage. If the speed greater than the base speed is required, the field current of the motor has to be reduced.

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