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Case Studies

Welcome to our Case Studies section.

Hydro Industries

A water technology company developing, designing, and operating solutions for water purification and industrial effluent processing.


Our relationship with Hydro Industries has spanned across 1 decade and 4 continents. Hydro aspires to make the worlds’ water cleaner one cup and sea at a time.

The most recent project we undertook was a water purification system for the Red Sea.


Our Engineers built and supplied the system they use to control the process that essentially treats and cleanses the water, winning titles, and awards.

Items used:
Control Techniques M700



Benefit One
A reduced amount of Chemicals used to purify the water.

Benefit Two
Able to carry out larger scale purification.

“SDS have many years of history supporting Hydro Industries in our business. They have helped us in developing innovative products, successfully meeting challenging applications and adapting to ever changing requirements. The entire team provide an outstanding service and Hydro Industries values its relationship with SDS and hopes for it to long continue.”

Dr. Stephen R. Perry

Solutions Team