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Case Studies

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Hollingsworth and Vose

A global manufacturer of nonwoven materials and engineered papers used in filtration, energy, and industrial applications.

Hollingsworth and Vose are arguably one of the largest filter paper producers with a 24-hour operation.

SDS installed Parker Drives throughout their Winchcombe factory.


Much of H&V’s machinery has been operating seamlessly for years, this meant that our Engineers upgraded elements of the Drive system, keeping them 590 DC Drives, removing the link fibreoptic, replacing it with the Linknet Ethernet to improve reliability.

Items used:
590 PXD DC Drive door
Linknet Communications System



Benefit One
Improved usability for operators.

Benefit Two
Removed obsolete parts.

Benefit Three
Cost effective solution.

“SDS have partnered with us on many projects, and I have always found them to be very technically competent and very reliable. What they say they will achieve the do – on time and within the budget agreed upon. I would have no trouble recommending SDS to others.”

Richard Walker

Engineering Manager