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The Worlds Largest Certified Distributor for Parker SSD Products


Established 1996

Established in 1996, SDS Drives are specialists in motor driven and process control systems, with an experienced team of industry professionals boasting over 100 years of combined experience.

Our loyalty and dedication to Parker SSD (Formerly Eurotherm Drives) is exceeded by no other company. Our team consists of many engineers whom used to work for Eurotherm, and who helped the company gain market share in the electromechanical AC & DC drive industry over the past 40+ years.

Here at SDS Drives we work around the clock, 7 days a week where necessary to ensure that our customers have the highest level of support.

Now approaching our 20th year SDS Drives export to every continent. We’ve developed a highly sophisticated distribution and support network which enables us to support all of our customers continually, regardless of their respective time zones.

Our Three Core Models


International Customers


Who We Work With



First Eurotherm Company, Eurotherm Controls was formed in Worthing, west sussex


Directors of the Eurotherm Controls set up a number of loosely related but independent companies; Shackleton System Drives (SSD), Chessle Ltd & Turnbull Control Systems (TCS).


The group of companies were procured by holding company Eurotherm International. Eurotherm soon established themselves as one of the world leading manufacturers of AC and DC drive


Eurotherm International goes public and is quoted on the London Stock Exchange


Eurotherm Expand their reach with a network of companies in Europe. SSD’s DC drives become increasingly popular in the Far East. Meanwhile, SSD Drives Sales office in Bristol records turnover of £1M.

Pravin Panchal is employed as a commissioning engineer


Eurotherm International is acquired by Siebe Plc, which later became Invensys


SSD, along with the other 3 companies which made up Eurotherm Internal amalgamated to form Eurotherm Ltd.


Pravin Panchal BSc (Eng) CEng MIET – an ex-Eurotherm Drives commissioning engineer forms SDS Ltd.

Meanwhile, Eurotherm’s Bristol office records highest turnover figures to date.


Management of the Eurotherm Drives division bought the company from its previous owner, Invensys


SSD Drives was acquired by Parker Hannifin Corporation, as a result of their desire for growth in the industrial automation sector.

Parkers new sales strategy involves regionalisation of their sales offices. The Bristol sales office is closed. SDS Ltd take on experienced Eurotherm Engineers.


As part of Parkers re-branding strategy, the colour of the old Eurotherm legacy products are changed from classic Eurotherm Teal Blue to Parker’s Grey and Gold.

About us history


Parker Hannifin declared SDS Limited the UK's First Certified Distributor for Parkers electromechanical division. SDS Ltd, now in their 16th year record best ever sales figures. Matching the old Eurotherm sales office.

SDS Ltd now become Parker SSD’s the Worlds Largest Certified Distributor for Parker SSD Electromechanical Products.


SDS Drives launch brand new website and begin exporting Parker drives worldwide.

SDS Stock exceeds £150,000 of Parker products. SDS’s turnover now exceeds the old Eurotherm Bristol Sales office.


Parker Hannifin announce SDS Drives to be their only UK Tier 2 certified repair centre.

SDS Drives form joint business venture with D.A.D (Data Acquisition Design) who will help SDS Drives support Parker Drives in Asia and far east.


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